Handmade Hollow   Sterling Silver jewelry

           Orfevres pour Bijoux laiton et  Argent Massif

                       French Metalsmiths for  Sterling Silver Jewelry

corrugated jewelry

Complete Corrugated Tubular Rigid Hollow Collar Handmade from Sterling Silver sheet  weight= 96 grs                                                                                                                price 400 USD include  DHL Worldwide                                                                                      

Designs made by S. Salvetti- A. Burykin 

Handmade Jewelry  by  French  Metalsmiths in THAILAND,  Nicolas  and Nikita Thomas.

 Nicolas Thomas           &                 Nikita Thomas

                        Metalsmiths  -Orfevres

            Corrugated  Tubular  Torque or Collar collection

                               Handmade Hollow Jewelry

Openwork Tubular Jewelry collection  with leather straps

or enamel or powder coating.

Handmade  925  Sterling Silver Complete tubular rigid collar with corrugation.

Inner diameter can be 120 or 130 mm

Opening can be 70 or 80mm,  with of the neck as the collar is inserted from the side  of the neck.

Weight = around 100 grs , depens of the the dimensions

Price include worldwide DHL is  400 USD.

Delivery time is 4 weeks after received payment date.

High End  Quality with   a unique number for each piece  engraved  near the hallmark and 925 stamp.

comes with its box and guarantee certificate signed by Nicolas Thomas.

Please contact us for  your dimensions  collar.

            Corrugated  Tubular  Cuffs or Bangles  collection

                               Handmade Hollow Jewelry

            Panthers jewelry collection on Tubular Handmade Hollow  torque or collier

 corrugatedjewelry.com  (atn Nikita Thomas)

 Silverchic.com     (atn Lenny thomas)

 P925.com    (atn Nicolas Thomas)

     3 soi 3 sirorot 50200

    Chiangmai  -Thailand


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